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Sjogren's and Toxicity ?

Q: Have there been any links made between Sjogrens and toxicity? I determined on my own that I am allergic to polyethylene and propylene glycol(my allergy specialist could not confirm it but seemed supportive of my conclusion he indicated a dermatologist would be required-dermatologist would not even consider testing). I detoxed my health and beauty regimen and symptoms are significantly better. Have since had a confirmed Raynauds dx and believe I have Sjogrens and am going to Rheumatologist for first time next week.

A: I am not aware of any good research in this area. Often autoimmunity can develop following some trigger, allergic reaction to a medication for example.

In primary Sjogren's, there does seem to be a greater association of allergies or allergic reaction in Sjogren's compared to Lupus or RA. We don't understand why  yet.

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