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ANA and Following Your Symptoms

Q:   I am 50yrs old; was dx'd w/sjogren's at age 40 ,SSA positive.  I have had blood tests since then that were ANA negative.  My symptoms continue and vary from year to year - much worse lately.  Should I have another ANA profile?  Does a negative ANA mean that I no longer have Sjogren's, even if I still have symptoms.  Symptoms now are localized itching and pain right thigh cyclic starts with itching then pain and swelling then numbness etc. for about 2 months now, some rash associated with this during the itch cycle.  I am positive HSV II, 25 yrs ago.  My memory is so bad that it is interfering with my job, I am forgetting to put orders in for my pts.  I need help and feel though that maybe I'm just somatic or crazy. Thanks for your time.

A:  Autoantibodies can fluctuate. Symptoms are the main thing to follow. In an individual patient, the antibody titers can track with the symptoms. However, in some patients antibody titers can be high, and pt does not experience symptoms. Would do further antibody testing, if the results would change anything you would do.

Given the symptoms you describe, it may be reasonable to consider a Neuro evaluation to exclude other causes that could lead to treatment/management options.

dr c

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  • Andrew Grover says:

    A positive SSa and a negative ANA are common depending on the type of testing method used while performing your bloodwork. Depending on methodology that differs between testing methods, you may see a positive or negative ANA result with a positive SSa. Please refer to the testing methodology when speaking with your doctor and the laboratory that performs his/her testing

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