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  • Debi Scholtes says:

    Q: Dr. Nancy Carteron is on the board of the Healthwell Foundation that assists with medication costs. Do you know of any foundation that assists with Sjogrens/Fibromyalgia meds? (Is Sjogren's considered a subset of Lupus since they seem to be grouped together most of the time?) I have been approved for assistance for Restasis...but the Buproprian & Evoxac (especially) are difficult to afford of the 9 medications that I take. Especially since I am living on Disability after being an RN for over 30 years.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    A: Co-Pay Assistance Foundations or Manufacturer Assistance Programs are mostly limited to FDA approved medications for an individual disease. There are no current Sjogrens Funds. Before Evoxac went generic, there may have been some assistance through it's manufacturer. Once a medication becomes FDA approved for Sjogrens, I suspect a Fund will open. The OIG (Office of Inspector General) assurers these funds cover all medications for that indication, not just the recently approved medication (Brand). ALL medications are becoming progressively hard for most people to afford in the US. This hits those with chronic illnesses the hardest.

    If a treating physician diagnosis SLE, then there are Co-Pay programs available for SLE. Health well Foundation does have a SLE Fund (www.healthwellfoundation.org), and it could be possible that medications used for secondary Sjogrens might be considered within that Fund. The Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation (www.sjogrens.org) continues to advocate for patients and the hardship of drug and OTC costs.

    dr c

  • drcarteron says:

    Refer to posted reply. The SSF continues to advocate. There are new products in clinical trials for Sjogrens. When something comes to market, there will likely be more resources for patients. Consider writing your elected officials. The VOICE of chronic illness is not being heard at a Policy Level.

    dr c

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