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Tearing Muscles in Sjs??? Enthesitis?

Q:  Hi Dr Carteron
My doctors still haven't made a definitive diagnosis but believe all my symptoms
point to Sjogrens and/or RA. I use to play a lot of tennis but over the last 2
years started to constantly tear muscles keeping me out of the game. About 6
months ago the my hand joints started swelling and aching, my eyes became so
dry, painful and very sensitive to light. Followed by more joints being affected
and constant fatigue. My question is could the muscle tears be caused by

Thanks for your time

A:  If some of the same inflammation you are describing elsewhere was occurring at the site of muscle/ligament/tendon insertion on bone, it is plausible there is a relationship.

Generally, muscle involvement with Sjogren's is a myalgia (muscle pain), and MUCH less commonly a low-grade myositis (muscle inflammation). However, since Sjs can overlap with alot of other autoimmune processes, the possibilities are larger, rather than smaller.

Seems to be a small subset of Sjs patients who overlap with Spondyloarthritis (sometimes associated with the gene HLA B27), and in SpA enthesitis (inflam where tendon/ligament insert) is a hallmark of that disease.

dr c

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  • Debora Pointer says:

    I just have gotten a diagnosis of Sjogrens, I can not stop sneezing! I have MCTD, also.The Sjogrens has been in a flare. had the sneezing before the Medication, so do not think it is related to that. I sometimes sneeze for hours at a time. My nose is very stuffy also. I hope this is not a stupid question! thank you.

  • drcarteron says:

    Debora - you may find a response on the first page of the blog http://www.sjogrensforum.com and under Symptoms. You could also ask the question on other pt forums or email julia @ reasonablywell blog.

  • Jane says:

    I have been diagnosed with sjogren's and also have been getting a lot of torn muscles lately.

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