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What's A FLARE?

Thank-you for providing this excellent forum.  It is great reading questions
posed by others and your clear responses.My Q:  I read periodically about Flares but am not entirely sure what
that term means.  Currently, even with medication, I seem somewhat drier than
usual and very tired (although, because of the dryness, not sleeping as well).
Is this considered a Flare?  How long might it last and, once it is over, will
my symptoms stay in this worsened state...or get back to where they were?
I was diagnosed with Sjogren's two years ago and have, with Salagen and
Restasis, only recently managed to get some control over some of the symptoms.

A:  Flare is an increase or return of previous symptoms. Usually, a group or cluster of signs and symptoms that are unique to you. Often takes 6-12 mo's to see what yours may be. The length of the flares varies, but often can be similar for each person. Goal is to find things that may shorten the duration and severity of the flare - thus, less troublesome going forward.

Goal is to return to baseline. Often this can be achieved if the flare is recognized and managed early in the cycle - thus helping to prevent more permanent damage to tissues from inflammation/fibrosis (scarring).  However, the process can be progressive. Fortunately, Sjs usually plays out over a long period of time, and even in the worse case scenario is not rapidly progressive.

Remember - Environment can make a big difference with the dryness symptoms. Humidity and glasses that prevent evaporation from the eye (like "onion cutting glasses) can make a big difference for some.

dr c
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