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Wheat allergy from vodka


I discovered that my favorite cocktail is the reason why I feel so horrible
after a dinner party.  I was drinking Grey Goose vodka (one a week) only to find
out  that it is made from baby wheat.  I thought all vodka was made from
potatoes!  It turns out that that the majority of vodka is made from wheat. I
asked the bartender at our favorite restaurant, he recommends Chirac vodka which
is made from grapes and Chopin made from potatoes.  The other part of the
problem is that I mixed this cocktail with grapefruit juice.  This made my eyes
and throat SOOO dry.  Now i know that the combination is my downfall.  I hope
this helps out the other social drinking Sjogren's patients.

Another discovery is...when I would get my haircut I would break out in a rash
of tiny bumps on my head.  It turns out that many of the top brands of shampoos
contain wheat protein.  Even Aveno, the shampoo for people with allergies.
There are wheat free shampoos and conditioners, I use Neutrogena Anti residue
shampoo and all clear conditioner. Does anyone out there have a good
recommendation?  Lastly, Secret is the only deodorant I have found that doesn't
have gluten ingredients.  No sting or itch!


Thank you for this information about products containing wheat (gluten). It is important for those with Celiac (gluten autoimmunity) to check the contents of foods and topicals, and see if eliminating them improve symptoms. Personally, I was not aware that most vodka was made from wheat, and had not thought about the protein in hair products, so thank you.


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  • It is a good place to get informed about shampoo brands .

  • Claudia Smith says:

    I have Celiac and Sjogrens. Arbonne cosmetics are all botanical and vegan with NO GLUTEN! First place I have found that I can use all the products, even the lipstick. The shampoo and conditioner are outstanding. The entire line is rated as ultra premium cosmetics and healthcare products. Check it out at http://www.arbonne.com.

  • Sondra says:

    I drink belvedere vodka that is made from Rye that I found is less of an issue for me. Some vodkas are also made out of fruits. Wikipedia has this information broken out by brand.

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