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Itchy scalp



I have lived with Sjogren's for 6 years. Sleep is often disturbed because
of unbearablenc scalp itch. It is getting worse that sometimes I have burning
sensation on the whole scalp.
I have tried many kinds of shampoo, OLUX-E Foam topically and Allegra by
mouth.  My rheumatologists and dermatologists do not seem to have any answer to
my difficult problem. I would greatly appreciate if you could provide me with
any advice.
Severe itching and burning suggest inflammation.
If you have a hairdresser, ask if she has any thoughts and suggestions. For some people hair dyes could be a "allergen", for some wheat products can cause inflammation-especially if they have Celiac disease. One blog questioner reported using a wheat free shampoo like Neutrogena anti-residue and all clear conditioner helped them. If it is only your scalp that itches and not other skin sites...it suggests it is a reaction to something that is unique to your hair/scalp. Please let us know of anything that improves the symptoms.
The OLUX-E Foam is a steroid product which is used
for inflammation



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  • vasculitis symptoms says:

    Your labs definitely point to SLE. Lupus is a remitting flaring disease. That means you can have periods of time with no symptoms at all, and then the disease gets active. You might be surprised at how much better you feel after a few months on the Plaquenil. We get so used to feeling less than 100% that we think it is normal.

  • Amy says:

    I have Sjogren's.Beem on Plaquenil 3yrs.Did nothing
    at all for my scalp. I will share what did....a product called Wen
    It is by Chaz Dean. I get it at QVC. they ship it UPS to me.
    I use the sweet almond mint flavor. My flakes and scales were the size of quarters.
    Now yesterday (after using the product for 3mos) I AM FLAKE FREE!
    As I have never been flake free in my life

  • sebastiano says:

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