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Non-Drying allergy medications?


I have Sjogren's and am suffering with hay fever.  I am typically able to
manage symptoms with a combination of vitamins directed at allergies, etc.  But
this year is particularly bad.  It's hay fever and will be done in a few weeks.
In the meantime, is there an over the counter allergy medicine that is not
drying?  My nasal passages, throat and eyes are effected.


There are NO  non-drying "allergy" medications. Sometimes Zyrtec (OTC) may be tolerable. Saline nasal rinses can be imensley helpful. Nasal steroid sprays like Flonase used sparingly often work, and even Prednisone 1-5mg prn (as needed) can help you get through the worst. Singulair, which blocks leukotrines, and is approved for Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis, may also be an option. For those who can tolerate some extra water, swimming/steaming/longer showers-can help decrease the amount of "allergen" that is sitting on the membranes (is triggering the allergic immune system).

On a personal note, this question is answered from San Francisco with itchy eyes/sneezing, burning throat, having developed allergies triggered by grasses as an adult. To have Sjogrens and Allergies is a double hit. Remember allergic reactions do appear more common in those with Sjogrens -even more than with other autoimmune diseases.

dr c
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  • Kay says:

    Shortly after being diagnosed with Sjogren's, I, too, developed terrible sinus congestion. My GP said it was caused by allergies and recommended several medications, none of which worked very well. My dentist, around that time, prescribed Salagen for my dry mouth...EUREKA!! The sinus congestion went away (as long as I took the Salagen). It appears that the congestion was caused by dry, swollen nasal passages. I also use a Saline Rinse once or twice a day.

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