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Avoid Smoking: Smoking is injurious to health is what they write on the packets as well. This is quite amazing that despite the fact that there is an explicit warning people still smoke. It is always wise to avoid smoking altogether. This is something, which is not good for health. Cut it down and see what happens to the sleeping pattern.

Maintain a Journal: It would be wise to maintain a journal to know what happens if you start a new routine or try something new. This journal can guide you in knowing what is working out for you to sleep better at night. If you are a modern student who has to study late at night, make sure you are following the course regularly because if you do and finish the coursework at the right time, you would not need to work at the expense of your sleeping time. It is always wise to have a sleeping schedule. Even if you are an entrepreneur, who is enthusiastic for the new business and cannot sleep at night, it is very important to know and realize that there is nothing more valuable in this world than your health. If you are healthy, you can do a lot better in life and in order to be healthy, you have to sleep quite well. Maintaining a journal can be of great help to know your pattern and get an idea about the habits, which you might have recently developed.

Avoid Heavy Meals: People who are fond of food would indulge in heavy eating. They would love to eat out even if the time is odd. It is important to have a certain schedule in life and there should be an allotted time for eating meals as well. There should be a certain time after which a person should not indulge in a heavy meal. If you indulge in a heavy meal at night there are chances that you might not be able to sleep well because the food can cause trouble in some cases. Always eat light or avoid eating at all before the bedtime. Have the dinner maximum by 8 pm and then try not to eat anything.

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Avoid Spicy Food: It is wise to avoid too many spices especially right before bed. Eating spicy food can cause a problem in the stomach sometimes especially if there were too many spices and ingredients, which you were not aware of. Eat right and eat in moderation. Always be aware of the ingredients and make sure what you are putting in your body is not going to cause you an allergic reaction. Be mindful and watchful of everything you eat so that it does not disturb your sleep at night.

Eating ice cream can be the greatest thing in the world if you are an only child. It’s not fun to share things with your brothers and sisters. Taking things one step at a time is crucial to activity. If you make a protein shake without enough powder in it, you could possibly overdo it and hurt yourself. Eating first thing in the morning can cause problems. We avoid everything that could hurt our body in the long term.