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Evoxac (cevimeline) vs Salagen (pilocarpine)

Q:  I hear Evoxac is very expensive and relatively new. So I am wondering what the
difference is between Evoxac and Salagen. Both are cholinergic agnoists, so what
is the benefit of one over the other?

A:  Evoxac and Salagen both help exocrine glands secrete more lubricating substances. They are both cholinergic agonists. Evoxac is a bit more specific for muscarinic receptors. Salagen came to market in the US first, and is now generic. Evoxac was approved in the US in 2000, and is scheduled to go off patent in Dec 2012. Evoxac is available only in the Brand form and is ~ $3.00/pill. Pilocarpine is ~$1.00/pill. Of course prices to patients vary considerably based on insurance coverage or Lack there of, and pharmacies.

Individual patients prefer one or the other. In general, Evoxac may cause less sweating than Salagen, and the dosing in general can be less frequent with Evoxac - which many patients prefer. They are both approved for treating the dry mouth of Sjs, but may also improve dryness symptoms in other parts of the body.

dr c

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  • vasculitis disease says:

    Gimme a break !sorry but when you list all the side effects, you are leaving out that all these are "POSSIBLE" side effects that MAY happen, mostly rare. They may never happen. Its almost like they want to list them in case any one wants to sue the company for having these side effects.when you say "doesnt that make you want to run and get the vaccine", its ridiculous.

  • Janet Eld says:

    What other medications can be used? My Mom can not use ether medication, do to side effects to both. This has been a 3 year losing fight.

  • drcarteron says:

    Bethanechol has also been used... http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14970777

    dr c

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